Why White Label UCaaS and Hosted PBX?


Hosting Service White Label

White label Hosted UCaaS through Talking Platforms allows you to offer a hosted VoIP and PBX platform to your customers, other service providers, resellers, and distributors while keeping full control over your service. This means that you can customize your platform with your own branding, logos, and colors, and your customers will never know that Talking Platforms is involved in the background.


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We have two incredible service models to fit every type of service provider.



Why Choose Our Private Label UCaaS Platform?


Creating a Hosted PBX platform can be a daunting task, with high costs and significant barriers to entry. Managing a VoIP system requires extensive knowledge and experience, and round-the-clock attention.

Luckily, Talking Platforms' core engine development team boasts over 15 years of white-label UCaaS reseller expertise, with a team of expert engineers who have been with us since day one. With your own dedicated support team, we make becoming a white-label UCaaS reseller easier than ever before.

Time is money, and we know how important it is to bring your product offering to the business community quickly. While it can normally take years to develop a working product and to make a profit, your customers will get the services they need much sooner using our platform.

At Talking Platforms, we believe in empowering our clients by leaving ownership of the customer in your hands. Our white-label hosted services are designed to support your business, allowing you to focus on finding new customers and growing your business with the power of private-label UCaaS.


Resellers Solution Checklist:


  • Unique proposition
  • Significant market demand
  • Fully brandable to your company's look and feel
  • No outlay on platforms required
  • No hosting or infrastructure requirement
  • No need to create termination relationships
  • Attractive margins
  • Integrated billing and extensive reporting


End Users Solution Checklist:


  • No expensive setup, maintenance, or support costs
  • 'Pooled Minutes' can be included for a complete '1-stop-solution'
  • Free calls between offices irrespective of distance or duration
  • Remote workers benefit from free calls in exactly the same way
  • Online web interface for users
  • A fully configurable online web interface
  • Purchase geographic DID numbers for all area codes in the USA
  • Premium rate numbers are available


Learn more about white-label hosting by reading our white paper "Why are you competing with your Hosted VoIP Provider?"


why compete in Voice over IP?



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