Auto Provisioning

Certified IP Phones and devices


auto provision - IP phone programming - Talking PlatformsAuto Provisioning is an essential feature of the Talking Platforms offerings including ioSaaS and Full-Service plans. This advanced provisioning system simplifies adding IP phones and devices to the platform while providing remote connectivity and control. Once an IP phone or device is connected through auto-provisioning, the ability to make configuration changes from any location is possible. The auto-provisioning system provides many features including:


  • Out-of-the-box support for Yealink, Polycom, Cisco, and Grandstream IP Phones
  • Provisioning Line and Key Templates
  • Auto configuration uploads
  • Auto firmware uploads
  • Auto resync and scheduling of IP phones and devices
  • Password delivery options
  • NTP Server time settings
  • Address book delivery options for extensions, company, and users
  • IP and MAC validation security
  • Dial Plan override
  • Auto Answer override
  • Time zone and daylight saving override
  • Sidecar expansion options
  • Auto-provisioning logging and reporting with standard and advanced results
  • Auto-provisioning customer control. Option to take over your auto-provisioning system
  • Auto-provisioning bulk operations to make mass changes to IP phones and devices


certified ip phones and auto provisioning - yealinkWe support a wide range of IP phones and devices from the leading manufacturers with our advanced auto-provisioning. We provide pre-configured templates for the most popular IP phone and device manufacturers which include Yealink, Polycom, Cisco, and Grandstream.  We also support any standards-based IP phone outside of our auto-provisioning system such as SNOM, Fanvil, Panasonic, Sangoma, Vtech, and more. 



Yealink Phones - ioSaaS - ioTRAN yealink IP Phones - ioTRAN - ioSaaS



Yealink is a global-leading provider of Unified Communication & Collaboration Solutions specialized in video conferencing, voice communications, and collaboration, dedicated to helping every person and organization embrace the power of "Easy Collaboration, High Productivity". With best-in-class quality, innovative technology, and user-friendly experiences, Yealink is one of the best providers in more than 140 countries and regions, ranks No.1 in the global market share of IP Phone, and is the Top 5 leader in the video conferencing market.







Poly Phones - ioSaaS - ioTRAN Poly IP Phones - ioTRAN - ioSaaS



Part of HP’s portfolio of hybrid work solutions, Poly creates premium audio and video products so you can have your best meeting -- anywhere, anytime, every time. With Poly, you'll do more than just show up, you'll stand out. Work is no longer a place, it's what you do and how you do it.







Cisco IP Phones - ioSaaS - ioTRAN Cisco IP Phones - ioTRAN - ioSaaS



Cisco offers an industry-leading portfolio of technology innovations. With networking, security, collaboration, cloud management, and more, we help to securely connect industries and communities.







Grandstream Phones - ioSaaS - ioTRAN Grandstream IP Phones - ioTRAN - ioSaaS



Grandstream delivers a complete unified communications portfolio that empowers any business to create a powerful and easy-to-manage deployment solution. From IP voice & video, data, surveillance, conferencing, and more, we provide the tools any organization needs to be successful. Our solutions deliver key features to maximize your network's customizability while being optimized to seamlessly work together.








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