myCARRIER Service Plan


You’re ready to start with our ioSaaS wholesale UCaaS platform plan to improve your profit margins,  but you don’t have a carrier relationship. Not a problem, Talking Platforms can help you get a quality carrier with our myCARRIER service!myCARRIER - The ioSaaS Companion


The myCARRIER service provides you with a high-performance, reliable, and secure wholesale SIP Trunk service to run your ioSaaS wholesale UCaaS platform.


With this service, you can:


  • Provide Inbound and Outbound Call Traffic
  • Provide International Call Traffic
  • Order new DIDs
  • Port in existing DIDs
  • Order Toll-Free numbers
  • Order DID inbound CNAM
  • Order DID outbound CNAM
  • Order Directory Listing service
  • Order 911 Emergency service





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