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Our Service Plans for UCaaS Providers

Talking Platforms is a white-label UCaaS provider to MSPs, IT Providers, PBX Inter-Connects, VARs, WISPs, Broadband, and Office Technology Providers demanding the highest quality platform for reliability and scalability. Our VoIP reseller plans allow our customers to provide telecommunications services to their customers with complete control. Our UCaaS reseller platform based on our powerful Softswitch helps resellers and organizations wanting to provide Hosted PBX, SIP trunking, Residential, Video, and Fax to their customers. The service is white-label, which means the customer will only see your company as the service provider. With Talking Platforms, there is no reason to build the software yourself, use open-source individual IP-PBX solutions, or become agents of competitive voice-over IP business providers.


As part of our white-label UCaaS reseller program, we provide two distinct services for our partners and resellers:

ioSaaS PlanThis plan allows our partners and resellers maximum flexibility, control, and profit potential of up to 85%. You have the ability to handle your own carriers and telephone numbers. If you don't have carriers yet but you would like to choose your own, we'll give you a free wholesale trunk with competitive rates and the ability to get new numbers and port existing numbers so you can start selling right away. Both models have access to all the management, billing, and advanced features from our centralized and integrated platform for private-label VoIP.
ioSaaS-PLUS Plan  This plan allows our partners and resellers to focus more on selling and less on the management of the platform, while still achieving profit margins of up to 75%. We handle the carriers, process new numbers, and port the existing numbers all with competitive wholesale rates. Both white-label VoIP reseller models have access to all the management, billing, and advanced features from our centralized and integrated platform.

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myCARRIER This service is for use with the ioSaaS plan. If you decide on using the ioSaaS plan, this product can be used in the following scenarios to provide carrier service:

  • You do not have a carrier relationship
  • You want to get started with ioSaaS now and will bring your carrier(s) later
  • Provide an alternative or backup carrier
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