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Talking Platforms USA was created to address the growing demand for IP telephony and more specifically, for a cloud based, white label Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking and ITSP platform. The company has been in service since 2005 and privately owned. Our platform is private label. We only provide our VoIP platform services to Resellers and Service Providers. We don't sell to end customers or compete with our resellers and partners.

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If you are looking for a white label Hosted VoIP provider, why would you want to compete with that same provider?

The hosted VoIP Solution market has grown dramatically in last few years. This is great news for the industry and the Hosted VoIP Providers selling directly to end customers, but what about the channel, service providers, managed IT providers, ISP’s, carriers, and the everyday entrepreneur that want’s to break into this market?

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Talking Platforms solves your Technical Support dilemma.
White Label end user support!

For many starting out in providing VoIP services, the resources and expense of providing technical support can be overwhelming! Talking Platforms provides a new optional service to address this need and allow you to maintain your White Label status for the entire service. Welcome to "White Label End User Support" that allows your customers to call into their own dedicated Technical Support number and speak with a highly trained represenative answering under your company name.

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You see a million hosted VoIP companies, why is Talking Platforms different?

The Internet and search engines are showing you thousands of VoIP Companies. They must all be the same and providing the same service. Not even remotely! There are only a handlful of true white label VoIP platform providers and even fewer who don't sell to end customers (competing with you). Why would you invest your companies future with a VoIP Provider in the same business your targeting? Why would you settle for small commission splits when you could be earning up to 70% profit margins?

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mad voip provider customer

Have you been experiencing "Bad Hosted VoIP Provider Syndrome" and beginning to think it's normal?

Don't worry, you are not alone and your not going crazy. Come sit on our couch and tell us all about it! We have heard it all and we are here to tell you there is a difference in who you choose to be your white label or hosted VoIP Provider?

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myPARTITION from Talking Platforms

The all new myPARTITION is here! Looking for a white label VoIP platform that allows you to bring your own carriers?

Now you can run our award winning white label VoIP Platform and bring your own carriers allowing you more control and increase profit margins! It's the perfect match for the service provider who is growing and has the resources to provide hosted VoIP services.

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No bandwidth or On-Net Call Charges from Talking Platforms

Why are you paying for Bandwidth and On-Net Calls?

At Talking Platforms we do not believe you should pay additional charges for Bandwidth or On-Net calls. That's just rude!

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Reliable Platform
Our platform is built and maintained to provide 99.999% uptime. We know what makes your customers happy.

White Label
When we say white label, we mean it. Your customers only see your company and we never sell to end customers.

Core Services
We provide Hosted PBX, SIP Trunk, Residential and WebFax services along with a host of associated sub services.

We provide you world class support and a unique optional white label technical support program directly to your customers.

Billing, Accounting & Taxes
We provide a fully integrated billing, accounting, payment gateway and taxation system. Use ours or use your own.

We started our service in 2005 by building it internally. We don't rely on open source software and switch manufactures.


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