Grow your business with our white label hosted PBX and UCaaS Softswitch Platform.
Our scalable Softswitch platform allows you to provide advanced UCaaS services to your customers under your brand.

Has billing become a problem with your Hosted PBX and UCaaS?

Eliminate double accounting entries

We deliver a single unified billing and accounting system that is fully integrated with our hosted PBX and UCaaS platform.

Eliminate hours of accounting detective work

Any change in our hosted PBX platform is immediately updated in billing and accounting. The power of a Fully Integrated billing system.

Eliminate undocumented changes

Any product added, deleted, or upgraded is immediately updated in billing and accounting. The power of a Fully Integrated billing system.

Eliminate revenue and profit loss

You can't add, upgrade, or delete products in our platform without the billing system being aware. Fully Integrated billing solves this problem.

Eliminate customer billing surprises

No customer is ever happy with a new charge due to an undocumented mistake or change. Fully Integrated billing solves this problem.

Eliminate additional end of month billing processes

No need to check platform pricing with an external billing system. Fully Integrated billing solves this problem.

Searching for a White Label UCaaS Provider?

Talking Platforms is a highly dependable platform for UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) that can be customized with your brand. Our Softswitch technology, data centers, and high-quality carriers allow us to scale from small operations with just five seats, all the way up to large-scale businesses with thousands of seats. If you already have your own carriers, our ioSaaS service is the top solution available in the industry.

10 GOOD REASONSWhy Our Partners Choose Talking Platforms

  • Reliability & Uptime
  • 100% Private Label
  • 100% Channel Partners
  • Highest Possible Margins - upto 95%
  • 100% Softswitch Platform
  • 100% Integrated Billing & Accounting
  • No Individual IP PBX Buildouts
  • Bring Your Own Carrier
  • No Perpetual Licenses
  • DDoS Protection
  • Toll Fraud Protection

ioSaaS. Do The Math. It's A No-Brainer.

At $395.00 per month, you can provide up to 1,000 PBX extensions for your customers. Sell at a modest $25.00 per seat, and that's $25,000 per month in revenue to your organization from an ultra-reliable cloud-based white-label Softswitch with UCaaS.

Need to support more extensions? Not a problem, purchase as many 1,000 extension increments as you need for $395.00 each! All managed in the same portal and a single login. Think differently.

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Looking for more than an inbound only Fax solution?

SIP Optimization. Embrace Consolidation. Think Differently.

Reduce the clutter and waste of data center and carrier SIP trunk overload. Our network is SIP Optimized with the power of Cloudflare to put you in the fast lane and it protects you from DDoS attacks up to 200 Tbps.

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It's easy to get started

Whatever type of service provider you are, we provide an easy way to offer comprehensive UCaaS services to your customers!

100% Softswitch. 100% UCaaS. Unleash the Power.

Our Softswitch technology has been providing reliable service to our partners for years. We invite you to experience it firsthand, along with the power of UCaaS. Discover for yourself why our partners have chosen our platform as their preferred choice.

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Toll Fraud and DDoS Protection. We take it seriously.

Ensuring effective protection against Toll Fraud and DDoS attacks is crucial for maintaining the trust of your customers. We understand this and prioritize the integration of robust security measures at every level of our UCaaS platform. We spare no expense in implementing the latest and most advanced Toll Fraud and DDoS protection technologies to provide the highest level of security for our partners and their customers.

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