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ioCONNECT-UC-SMS (Coming January 2024)


Talking Platforms offers a contemporary UCaaS solution for SMS and text messaging with our ioCONNECT-UC-SMS service. Your customers can enjoy the full range of features for inbound, outbound, and group SMS messaging through desktop and mobile applications. Our service provides reliable and secure communication, giving you the confidence to trust our platform. With the ioCONNECT-UC mobile and desktop app, you can easily manage and customize messaging services for your customers, along with our Dialer, Chat, SMS, and Video Conferencing services.


Why SMS and Text Messaging?


As the modern workforce becomes increasingly remote and mobile, Text Messaging has become a vital tool for driving better collaboration among companies and organizations. The ability to connect with employees, vendors, contractors, and other stakeholders regardless of their location is critical to maintain.

With ioCONNECT-UC-SMS, you can offer your customers and clients a comprehensive Text Messaging service that can be accessed via desktop and mobile applications.

As part of Talking Platforms' larger UCaaS offering, this private-label Text Messaging service is loaded with features and provides a secure and reliable communication solution.



All the features you need!

Our UCaaS features allow any organization to provide world-class collaboration with Chat Messaging :SMS and Text Messaging Solution - ioCONNECT-UC-SMS - Talking Platforms
  • 1 to 1 SMS
  • Group SMS
  • Add Image Support
  • Add Video Support
  • Add Audio Support
  • Add Document Support
  • Voice and Video Integration
  • Includes Softphone with Dialer
  • Private-Label
  • Available 7x24 to your customers
  • Supports Desktop, Mobile, and Tablets (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)


Android - iOS - Windows - Apple Mac - Supported - Talking Platforms


Let ioCONNECT-UC-SMS be another valuable tool to increase your opportunities and strengthen customer relationships! Talking Platforms can provide you with a true private-label Chat Messaging solution that no other UCaaS provider can match.

Don't put off becoming a hosted UCaaS SMS and Text Messaging reseller, contact us at (202) 747-0064 today!

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Download the Mobile and Desktop Applications

Download the Talking Platforms Mobile and Desktop Applications - ioCONNECT