ioSaaS-PLUS Service Plan Pricing

Wholesale White-Label UCaaS Platform
We handle the carriers, porting, and numbers.
Partner profit margins up to 75%


The ioSaaS-PLUS white-label UCaaS platform offered by Talking Platforms is designed to simplify the process for beginner or intermediate service providers who want to focus on selling UCaaS services rather than managing carriers and supporting a platform. We take care of all the major day-to-day tasks, such as number porting, 911 activations, and carrier-related issues, so you can have peace of mind and focus on growing your business.

Through our Platform Portal,  you will have total control to manage customers, UCaaS services, send invoices, collect payments, and run profit reports. Additionally, we offer white-label support, which will supercharge your ability to sell UCaaS Services, including hosted PBX, SIP Trunks, Residential, WebFax, Video Conferencing, and more. With Talking Platforms' Full-Service white-label UCaaS platform, you can simplify your business and focus on what matters most - growing your customer base and increasing profits.


VoIP Wholesale Service Models

Who is this ioSaaS-PLUS UCaaS & Cloud PBX service model for?

Whether you're just starting out in UCaaS communications or you're an established service provider seeking a reliable, stable, and proven class 5 white-label Softswitch platform, Talking Platforms has the solution you're looking for. With our ioSaaS-PLUS option, we take care of managing the hardware, software, and high availability issues, so you can focus on growing your business.

Are you tired of spending countless hours managing a platform, dealing with carriers, and providing technical support? Our ioSaaS-PLUS option is designed to help you reduce the amount of time and energy you spend on these tasks, allowing you to focus on what really matters - serving your customers and increasing your profits.

Don't let the complexity of running a UCaaS platform hold you back. With Talking Platforms, you can have a professional organization manage everything for you, giving you the peace of mind you need to grow your business. Contact us today to learn more about our Full-Service option.



The rewards and benefits of our white-label UCaaS Softswitch platform for resellers


  • Proven Cloud-based Class 5 Softswitch and Communications Platform
  • We maintain the platform hardware, software, data centers, and high-availability
  • We handle the carriers to supply inbound and outbound traffic, porting, and numbers
  • We supply competitive wholesale traffic rates and a number of related services
  • You run your business and own your customers
  • No commission splits or payouts
  • Fast startup
  • We support you and you provide support to your customers (unless you sign up for the optional White Label End User Support program)
  • We train you fully to manage the platform
  • We provide white-label marketing
  • We provide partner Intranet access to our extensive knowledge base, manuals, documents, marketing, network status, feedback forms, and more


Hosted PBX
Sip TrunkingAllows the reselling of SIP Trunks for wholesale purposes and termination of IP PBXs and SIP devices.
ExtensionsIn the Full-Service model, you order hosted PBX extensions, residential extensions, and SIP Trunks as you need them
PBX ServicesUnlimited
Ring GroupsRing Groups allow you to route incoming calls to desired extensions and in stages. Each stage can be configured to different ringing lengths. The final stage allows you to redirect the call to an external number or other PBX services and features.
Ring Group Confirm NumberPrevents called numbers in ring groups from answering without called party intervention
Conference RoomsCreate conference rooms so that people can have audio-based conference calls. You can join a conference room from any extension within your company, transfer calls into the conference room, or a telephone number pointing directly at a conference room for external access. For added security, you can assign a PIN number for the user and moderator.
Video ConferencingCreate a video conference meeting on your Chrome, Firefox, or Edge Internet browser utilizing WebRTC or from our white label Android and Apple smartphone apps. Includes features such as in-meeting chat, desktop sharing, virtual hand raise, muting, blur, sharing a YouTube video, and more. Supports up to 15 people in a meeting and unlimited streaming via popular services like YouTube, Facebook, and others utilizing the included OBS broadcasting software.
Paging RoomsThis feature allows you to page a group of extensions from a designated phone with one-way audio. A pin number can be assigned for additional privacy.
Auto Attendants (AA)This feature allows your customer professional greetings, voice menus, dial by name, direct extension calling, redirections, and digit options when called.
Auto Attendant Time ZoneAllows an Auto Attendant to be assigned a unique time zone. This allows it to properly function and time stamp based on its location.
Auto Attendant Loop ControlAllows an Auto Attendant to repeat itself for a designated amount of loops.
Auto Attendant Transfer OptionsAllows callers the ability to dial extensions and be transferred and options for the transfer announcements.
ACD QueuesAllows callers the ability to dial extensions and be transferred and options for the transfer announcements. ACD Queues are available on the original platform and will be available on the new platform mid 2023.
Dial By NameAn agent group will queue calls for answering by telephone agents or operators. When an agent is located and available, the call is connected. During theu00a0wait, announcements can be played and acted upon by dialing input digits. Additional PBX VoIP features allow for announcement gaps, agent recovery, a number of agent designations, escalation agents, and agent choice by longest idle or random.
SIP TrunkingSIP Trunking allows you to act like a carrier and resell SIP Trunks for use with IP PBXs, Analog Gateways, and other external voice devices. We support SIP registration and IP Authentication which allows Caller ID control from the attached device.
Residential ServiceYou can provide residential home service to consumers similar to retail services like Vonage, Ooma, etc.
Single LineSingle Line accounts provide residential-style service in a hosted PBX environment.
Toll Fraud ControlToll Fraud controls options allow you to determine your tolerance for possible international or domestic toll fraud. Depending on the options chosen you can receive alerts and/or automatically disable the offending extension, SIP trunk, or account.
Trusted IPTrusted IP allows you to add the static IP address of a particular extension or sip trunk. Once added, the system will only allow registration from the designated IP address.
DID ManagementCentralized DID management allows controlling all of your DIDs in Inventory and assigned to customers. Provides search, status tools, and drill-downs to DID details and current mapping.
Agents & RepsAgents and Reps provide tracking and commission calculations if you have sales representatives or partner with 3rd parties to resell your VoIP services.
API Access Control ListAn integrated API allows for external systems and devices to pull information from the platform. An Acess List Control (ACL) is provided to secure the API communications.
VoicemailEach White Label Hosted PBX, Residential or Single Line VoIP account comes with voicemail included. Includes Standard Voicemail, Visual Voicemail, and Voicemail to Email. Additional voicemail options include pin code, time zone, handling, mobile app push, escape mode, missed call notification, and announcement modes.
Voicemail Pin NumberAccess control to voicemail by providing a unique pin number.
Voicemail EscapeProvides callers an option to bypass the voicemail and be directed to another extension, PBX service, or external number.
Voicemail Escape External #Provides callers an option to bypass the voicemail and be directed to an external number.
Voicemail to EmailVoicemail may be delivered by email as a "WAV" file attachment, the PBX feature can send the phone a message indicator (MWI with light), or both.
Voicemail Direct TransferExtensions can transfer a call directly to the voicemail box of another extension.
Voicemail Mobile PushAllows new Voicemail alerts to appear on the mobile App pop-ups.
ioFAXSend, receive, and view faxes from your web portal and ioCONNECT-FAX App for Android and iOS
Fax to EmailAllows you to receive your faxes to an email address. For HIPAA purposes you can enable or disable this feature.
Email to FaxFor WebFax, you can send a fax by sending an email to a configured email address with a PDF, Text, or TiFF attachment.
Fax ArchiveThis feature archives your fax for future access and download
Shared Voicemail BoxThis feature allows a single voicemail box to be shared among multiple extensions. Typically used for sales, events, and meetings where all configured extensions get notified when a voicemail is left on the shared voicemail box.
Shared Vmail to Multiple EmailAllows a shared voicemail box to send to more than one email address.
3 Way CallingJoin another call together with your existing call and have a 3-way conversation. The joining calls can be an extension or an outside line.
Find Me/Follow MeThis feature provides the standard follow-me features in call forwarding and a find-me feature that gives you three stages of multiple numbers to find you. This can be combined with the confirm number feature to prevent devices like cell phones from going to voicemail if they are dead or have bad reception.
Call Forwarding
Call Forward - All Calls
Call Forward - On Busy
Call Forward - No Answer
Call Forward - Lost Registration
Call TransferAllows you to transfer a call that is in progress to another extension or external number
Call HoldPuts a caller on a private hold on the extension that cannot be picked up by any other extension
Call ReturnDials back the last number that called your extension
Call WaitingAllows you to flash hook an incoming call when you are already on another call
Call Wakeup
Call Peel OffAllows an extension to override an inbound call to a Ring Group or Auto Attendant and receive the call directly.
Call ParkProgrammable Call Park timer to adjust how long a call is put on call park before it rings back the extension that originally put it on call park.
Call Park ReminderAllows an extension to override an inbound call from a Ring Group or Auto Attendant directly to their extension
Call ScreeningAllows an extension to screen a call by asking for a name first, then notifying the called extension of who it is and if they would like to answer the call
Caller ID Change ManualEach extension can be set to a designated CODEC such as G711, G729, etc.
Caller ID Change AutomatedAllows you to turn off your caller ID when making outbound calls.
PIN # Based CallsAllows inbound or outbound calls to be controlled by requiring a PIN number to be input
Caller ID BlockAllows an extension user to change their caller ID by the number being called
PIN # Required CallsAllows you to assign a PIN # to an inbound or outbound extension call and require the PIN# to continue
Caller Anonymous BlockAllows the call block from a caller who is not using a Caller ID
Block All CallsStops call unless a PIN number is entered. Based on always-on, scheduled times, or suspected toll fraud. Per company or per extension.
Intra-Domain Calls
Extension Calls
Do Not Disturb (DND)Allows you to divert all calls to Voicemail and be removed from PBX Services
Dual RingAllows a second number to be dialed when receiving a call on an extension
Virtual Switchboard
Virtual ExtensionProvides all the functionality of a normal extension without registering a physical phone. Instead, calls are forwarded to external numbers
Hot Desking
Barge In CallAllows an authorized extension to break into a call of another extension and talk or listen
Listen in CallAllows an authorized extension to break into a call of another extension and listen only
Teach in CallAllows an authorized extension to break into a call of another extensionu00a0with only the extension user able to hear their voiceu00a0and the ability to listen.
PSTN/Mobile Call
Shared Call AppearanceAllows any included extensions to see a parked call via LED indicator and pick up that call with a single button push.
Routing SchedulerAllows schedules with time, date, and holidays to most PBX services such as IVR, Ring Groups, Shared Mailboxes, extensions, etc. so they can be redirected to another PBX service. Available in automated and manual modes.
Extension Monitor (BLF)Allows each extension to be monitored on other phones via light indication and mode buttons
MessageCallAllows you to send Voice Notes from the ioCONNECT mobile app to an extension, external number, or email address
WIreless PhoneSupports popular wireless DECT and SIP phones
DECT PhoneSupport analog phone adapters for analog phones and fax machines
Analog Telephone AdapterSupports standard and popular ATAs (Analog Telephone Adapters)
Call RecordingAllows calls from Extensions or SIP Trunks to be recorded and stored
Call Recording Start/StopAllows you to control the recording of a call in the event a part of the call should not be recorded
Call ProbeAllows all calls to a Ring Group, IVR, ACD, etc to be recorded even if the call is forwarded to another extension
Inbound DID MappingEasy point and click DID to PBX service mapping
Caller ID MappingEasy point and click mapping of caller ID to PBX services
911 CLI MappngAllows assignment of any available 911 registration address based on the number
Music on Hold (MOH)Provide Music on Hold to any or all of your customers/companies. You can record from a professional service, create your own, or record from an extension
MOH UploadAllows you to upload your music on hold music or message. You can record from an extension as an alternative.
MOH Per CompanyYou can assign any Music on Hold file to any of your customers/companies
MOH Per Auto AttendantYou can assign any Music on Hold files that you provide or record to each individual IVR or extension
Programmable System CodesFeature codes based on system star codes
Phone Express CodesThis allows remote functionality directly from an extension such as rebooting or reprovision the phone
Time Zone AssignmentsAllows time zone assignments to entire companies, PBX service, or extensions so that date/time stamps are correct for where the phone is located
Phone Registration StatusProvides indication of phone registration and advanced information about the phone and registration
One Extension/Multiple DevicesAllows you to register more than one phone to an extension account
Phone Provisioning (Auto)
Phone Provisioning Templates
Phone Provisioning Dial Plan
Phone Provisioning Firmware
Address Book White List
Domain Address BooksAddress Books shared by an entire company
Extension Address BooksAllows your customers to add their favorite numbers and contacts
Address Book White ListAllows your customers to create white lists or callers that are allowed to call them
Address Book Black ListAllows your customers to block numbers they do not want calling
Address Book Spam ListAllows calls to be marked as spam if they call
CDR RecordsProvides detailed reports of all calls that come in or out of the system
CDR Rates
Packaged MinutesAllows companies or extensions a certain amount of minutes and then billed at normal rates. Also allows for the removal of area codes or country codes to block dialing
Rate CardsAllows for billing of calls at rates you determine. Support for multiple rate cards.
Call Credit DiscountsAllowsu00a0credits to international calls before charging per minute
Product OrderingAllows you to order PBX, Residential, or SIP Trunk accounts at one time
Product Bulk OrderingAllows you to order multiple PBX, Residential, or SIP Trunk accounts at one time
Product Status & TrackingAllows auditing of products that are ordered
Product UpgradeAllows you to automatically single-click upgrade your customer between the products you have configured. Billing is updated automatically as well.
BillingGives you the ability to send your customers invoicing for the service at no extra charge
AccountingAllows you to have accounting capabilities that correspond to the included billing features.
InvoicingInvoice your customers with your branding, logo and company information
Pro-rationSystem billing allows for Pro-ration charges to your customers
TaxationBilling systems have multiple ways to handle taxation for manual and automated with SureTax
Taxation OverridesSystem billing allows for top-down taxation overrides for unique and granular situations
Payment GatewayAllows for automated or manual billing of your customers
Online AdministrationAllows Administration through the system portal
Company NotesProvides a notes section for each company. Keep track of any information or special requirements.
Mobile and Desktop AppsUnified Communications with our ioCONNECT and ioCONNECT-UC mobile and desktop apps
DID Products
DID Toll-Free Products
DID e911 Products
DID Fax Products
DID CNAME Outbound
DID ManagementUnlimited
Inventory ManagementCentralized control of all your customers DIDs. Lists number of DIDs per customer with drill downs to all features of the DIDs, status and mapping. Full search capability.
Customer Order Tracking
Configuration Tracking
Outbound Caller ID MappingControl Caller ID on any extension or device with simple drop down menus
e911 Address MappingControl e911 information on any extension or device with simple drop down menus
Inbound CNAM Services
DID Mapped To LinksEasily find where a DID is mapped to and who the company or person is
SIP Accounts
Residential Accounts
Residential Virtual Accounts
Residential Fax AccountsInbound and outbound faxes with either digital WebFax using the unified web portal or ATA with physical fax machine
PBX Domains
PBX Accounts
PBX Virtual Accounts
PBX Fax AccountsInbound and outbound faxes with either digital WebFax using the unified web portal or ATA with physical fax machine
Bulk Order ProductsOrder multiple PBX, Residential, or SIP TRUNK products at one time
Upgrade ProductsMove an account product to another product that offers a higher rate, more features and automatically update billing
Downgrade ProductsMove an account product to another product that offers a lower rate, less features and automatically update billing
Bring Your Carrier(s) - Choose our ioSAAS Plan for this!Want to bring your own carriers? Choose our ioSaaS plan!
Use Our Carriers(s) - Inbound and over 50+ outbound carriersFull-Service includes the use of all our top-level carriers. Inbound and over 50+ outbound carriers.
MinutesChoose how you are going to charge for your call minutes. Configure rate, first charge and next charge increments
Rate CardsYour in charge of your rate card pricing for all your dial codes. Have one rate card for all customers or create individual rate cards for each customer
Time Based Rate Cards
Access Control Lists
Priority Order
Least Cost Routing (LCR)
Carrier Gateway Groups
Packaged Minutes PlansCreate individual packaged minute plans for each of your customers devices and charge automatically after they use those minutes
Pooled Minutes PlansCreate company wide packaged minute plans and charge automatically after they use those combined minutes
IP Authenticated Support
SIP Registration Support
ASR Alerts & ReportingProvides ASR (answer-seizure ratio) alerts and reporting by configuration based on multiple options for all carriers that you use. Allows you know what quality of service your carriers are providing.
Product ConfigurationUnlimited
Product Groups
Billing/Product/Price Lines
Generic Product LinesAdd other non-telecom related products or services to your customer invoices
Setup Fee With ProductsAllows you to charge setup fees for any product or service
BrandsCreate as many brands as you like and connect to unique profit centers. This allows you to have different branding and prices for different types of customers
Credit Card Transactions
Choose Billing CyclesChoose weekly, monthly or yearly billing cycles
One Off Billing Cycles
Customer Product Billing Upgrades
SureTax Tax EngineUtilizing our integrated billing system, connect your SureTax account to our API and have all applicable telecom taxes and fees added to customer invoices
Tax/Configuration Lines TransactionsUtilizing our integrated Authorize.NET payment gateway, you can manually or automatically charge your customers with credit cards
Automated Billing
Invoice TermsUtilizing our integrated billing system, you can choose the number of days for a customer to pay their invoice
Email Invoices
Payment Reminder Emails
Auto Charge credit CardsUsing our integrated billing system, you can setup automatic payments with an Authorize.NET account and our payment gateway
Invoices in Web/PDF/Email
Miscellaneous Changes
Auto Charge BillingYou can use our integrated billing system either manually or have it bill automatically on the day you want
Payment Allocation
Debit/Credit Payments
Nominal Accounts
StatementsWhen utilizing our integrated billing system, run a statement report on any customer and print or email
Email StatementsWhen utilizing our integrated billing system, run a statement report on any customer and email from the system
Tax Calculations
Tax Reports
Accounting Reports
Profit ReportsWhen utilizing our integrated billing system, run profit reports on all your customers to see if your making or losing money. Easy to spot with green or red labeling
Summary Reports
Nominal Account Reports
Exports (CSV/EXCEL)
Product Ordering Tracking
Product Upgrade Tracking
Product Delete Tracking
Email Alerts in Tracking
Alerts & ReportingUnlimited
Email AlertsSetup specific email alerts for each customer based on chosen criteria. For example, when and extension is upgraded, Failed login, etc.
Email Configuration Alerts
ASR Alerts and ReportingProvides ASR (answer-seizure ratio) alerts and reporting by configuration based on multiple options for all carriers that you use. Allows you know what quality of service your carriers are providing.
Call Detail GraphsProvides visual graphs in 5 different styles of multiple call types on any account
Portal Customer LogoSetup a custom web portal for your customers with your logo and colors
EmailsSend automated emails to your customers with your logo and branding
InvoicesSend manual or automated invoicingu00a0 to your customers with your logo and branding
Mobile App - (IOS & Android)Generic White Label with ioCONNECT or ioCONNECT-UC logo
Desktop App - (Windows & Mac)Generic White Label with ioCONNECT or ioCONNECT-UC logo
Domain Names
White Label
Web AccessUnlimited
White Label
Mobile AppsUnlimited
Standard ioConnect AppsThis mobile app allows extension users to control their accounts, features, voicemail, Webfax, MessageCall, in the same way as the Web Portal
ioConnect-UC AppsThis mobile app provides advanced features like a Dialer, Chat, SMS, and Video Conferencing.
Desktop Apps (Windows & Mac)Desktop apps for Windows and MAC that support a Dialer, Chat, SMS, and Video Conferencing.
Accounts per ioConnect App
Web App Portal (End User)Provides full access to the end-user customer portal
SIP Trunks
ioFAXAdvanced fax features for sending, receiving, and Email2Fax in the standard ioCONNECT mobile app.
MessageCallMessageCall allows you to send quick audio notes to another extension, external number or email address
Video 1 to 1Allows single video calls from mobile app to mobile app or to video phone
Video ConferencingProvides full-featuredu00a0functionality and options for Video Conferencing on mobile and desktop apps
Text/SMSComing 2023!
CRM IntegrationComing 2023!
Security & Protection
DDoS protectionDDoS and DoS protection provided through Cloudflare up to 100 Tbps.
Toll-fraud protectionProvides toll-fraud alerts or customer configured trigger-based call blocking. Inbound and Outbound.
Toll-fraud protection - AdvancedProvides toll-fraud alerts or customer configured trigger-based call blocking. Inbound and Outbound.
SIP OptimizationWherever your Hosted PBX and UCaaS customers are located in North America, they will have access to a dedicated Internet fast lane. Think of it as an express lane for the Internet, where you can move quickly while others have to wait their turn.
Trusted IPsProvides secure lock down of extensions and SIP trunks by allowing only a specific IP address or range of IP addresses and blocking all others
Portal Triple AuthenticationAdditional security above and beyond username and password without using external authenticators
End User Mobile SecurityMobile app security directly through web portal QR barcode and mobile pin, fingerprint, and facial scan
Integrated SIP FirewallAdditional security from SIP based hackers
Call limit per accountGranular control of how many simultaneous calls are allowed per account/extension
Call cost limit per accountGranular control of how many simultaneous calls are allowed per account/extension
Credit limit per accountAllows an extension to have a credit limit and once reached will block further calls
International Call BlockBlock all international calling on a per account, extension, SIP Trunk basis or allow only the country dial codes required
Locations (USA)
East Coast
West Coast
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