Talking Platforms provides two distinct white-label UCaaS Platform solutions for MSPs, IT Providers, Office Technology Providers, Systems Integrators, Value Added Resellers, and Broadband Providers to maximize the profitability and flexibility of our partner plans.


ioSaaS Service Plan - White Label Hosted PBX & UCaaS for Resellers

ioSaaS PLUS Service Plan - White Label Hosted PBX & UCaaS for Resellers


As the market changes and your competitors come from non-traditional business backgrounds, the expansion of your technology-based services and products becomes more crucial. Your technology offerings must include UCaaS services to stay competitive and increase recurring profitable revenue. Talking Platforms allows you to offer cloud-based UCaaS services while still maintaining your brand and image within an extremely stable platform.

With our ioSaaS and ioSaaS-PLUS service plans, you can choose which path best serves your organization.


White Label VoIP Reseller Program

Talking Platforms Pricing - Wholesale VoIP Softswitch Platform - White label