Hosted PBX and UCaaS Pain Points

White Label Solution for Hosted PBX and UCaaS Providers

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ioSaaS - Remove Pain Points from White-Label Hosted PBX and UCaaS

Talking Platforms understands your pain points. We know that providing Hosted PBX and UCaaS is not easy, and we understand that changing how you deliver the service can be challenging. Sometimes, you need a little push to think differently. Take a look at Talking Platforms. We can save you time. We can save you money. We can help you grow by eliminating pain points.



  Bring and Control Your Carriers

  Consolidate SIP Trunks

  Eliminate Individual SIP Trunks

  Share Concurrent Calls Across All Customers

  Provides a Single Login to Manage Everything

  Provides Full Featured Inbound and Outbound Fax

  Does Not Require Purchasing Multiple IP PBX Instances

  Does Not Require Purchasing Multiple IP PBX Licenses

  Does Not Require Spinning Up VMs

  Simplified Multi-Site Connectivity

  Fully Integrated Billing, Accounting, Taxation, and Payment Gateway

  Fully Integrated Toll-Fraud and DDoS Protection up to 200 Tbps

  Provides Ultra-Reliable Mobile and Desktop UC Apps That Work


Welcome to ioSaaS


This is our Hosted PBX and UCaaS Nirvana for MSPs, service providers, and resellers. It's an ultra-modern, new-generation Hosted PBX and UCaaS Softswitch platform seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive billing and accounting engine. This represents the power of consolidation through a single portal for managing and expanding your customer base.


Continue your current operations, but consider giving us a try. It's easy; we offer month-to-month plans with no contracts and handle all aspects, including data centers, hardware, and software.


Get started today! 

Contact us by call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we'll demonstrate just how easy and affordable it can be to alleviate your current pain points.


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