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Approved IP Phones 

Talking Platforms is a carrier-grade VoIP solution for resellers and service providers. It is imperative to provide your customers quality and reliable service.


Talking Platforms recommends that only quality SIP phones, ATA adapters, SIP softphones, gateways, and headsets be used by your customers. There are several reasons why this is important:

1) There is a difference in quality between devices that customers will need to access your Talking Platforms service. Many low-cost units have quality and slight functionality issues that result in installation and ongoing service problems.

2) You do not want to support a multitude of end-user device types, this will increase your technical support requirements. The end result will tarnish your company image and result in a high customer turnover. Many of the largest providers will narrow down to just a couple of devices.

3) The first use of your new service will determine your customers desire to use and stay with your service. If the first impression is hampered by voice and functionality issues, a customer will always keep this in mind should there be a problem down the road.


We support a range of business VoIP telephones and devices that meet all budgets. Below are SIP Phones that are approved and tested by Talking Platforms.


 polycom phones



 cisco phones for Talking Platforms



yealink phones




grandstream phones




CounterPath Bria and Eyebeam Softphone

CounterPath's Bria and eyeBeam softphones are a next-generation telephony client that works like a phone. The eyeBeam client allows you to stay connected and manage your calls and availability with comprehensive suite of features. The Bria is a business class softphone ready for today's corporate environments.

 Counterpath Bria Soft Phone

Counterpath eyebeam Softphone




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