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The Talking Platforms Full Service model allows you to focus on selling VoIP services without the added stress of finding and maintaining carriers. You still have all of the incredible reseller features, reseller services, PBX functionality and more to manage a VoIP service platform under your brand and control. In addition, you can add our optional White Label End User Support to provide world-class support directly to your customers under your company name and brand.

myPARTITION Partner with Talking Platforms

Many managed service providers and organizations have a primary core business focus and providing VoIP services is secondary. The Talking Platforms Full Service model allows these organizations to provide critical VoIP services to retain and attract new customers while reducing the burden of day to day management and resources.


Under the Talking Platforms Full Service model we do the following:


  • We support and maintain the platform including the hardware, software, data centers, high availability, and redundancy
  • We handle the Inbound/Outbound Carriers/Porting/DIDs and associated services
  • We support you and you support your customers (unless you sign up for the optional White Label End User Support program)
  • We train you fully to manage the platform
  • We provide you ongoing advice, suggestions, and motivation
  • We provide white label marketing
  • We provide partner Intranet access for our extensive knowledgebase, manuals, documents, marketing, network status, feedback forms and more


Would you rather take on more responsibility, supply your own carriers and increase profit margins? If so, our myPARTITION service model provides you all the same great features with the additional control of the carriers and telephone numbers. We even provide a free wholesale trunk for you to get started while you find your carriers! There has never been a better time to get started selling VoIP and Talking Platforms makes it easy.

Below you will find a comparison of our two service models to help you choose what will best fit your goals and organization:


Account Setup Fee
Company/Residential Accounts
Hosted Accounts
Cost of Hosted Accounts
Bring Your Carriers
Bring Your Numbers
Porting Services
Product Setup Fees
Revenue Requirements
On-Net Call Charges 
Bandwidth Charges
Technical Support























*Account Setup fee is a one time charge to set up your account on the Talking Platforms system
*Company and Residential Accounts are the actual customers that you put in the system
*Hosted Accounts are PBX, SIP Trunks or Single Line/Residential Accounts
*In the myPARTITION model, you choose an amount of Hosted Accounts required
*In the myPARTITION model, Talking Platforms can provide numbers and porting with the provided free wholesale trunk
*Product setup fees are a one time charge when you order any product. Prices vary per product
*ON-net calls are any voice traffic that travels on our IP/Internet based network without the use of a carrier for inbound or outbound termination
*Both services include full technical support and training directly to our partners/resellers. Optional end user white label support is available


 Not sure which service is best for you? Call or Email us today for a one on one discussion and demonstration.



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