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Talking Platforms COVID-19 response - Solutions

Talking Platforms is committed to providing solutions for the Covid-19 pandemic to keep your family, employees, and customers safe during this unprecedented event. While governments and world health organizations are working on virus-related issues. We must all do our part to keep the economy moving and strong. Recent changes have involved moving large parts of the workforce from office to home. The need to work and communicate effectively from a home environment has become paramount. The Talking Platforms Hosted VoIP Communications platform allows our partners who are Resellers, MSPs, VARs, IT Providers, ISPs, WISPs, and Solution Providers to easily provide remote working (telework) solutions effectively and quickly to their customers.


What kind of solutions can you provide your customers?

  • The power of a business telephone system at home and the office simultaneously
  • Communicate from employee home to home the same as your office environment
  • Call Forwarding from their extension - this basic feature allows all incoming business calls to instantly forward to a cellular phone or a landline

  • DualRing from an extension - If your customer will be in the office a few days a week and would like the extension to ring first before forwarding to their cellular phone, DualRing allows the initial ringing to the extension with an adjustable delay before it attempts to call the cellular phone.

  • Hunt/Ring Groups - If your customer has multiple sales or support personnel at home and in different locations, they can be called in groups for convenience and priority. When one of the extensions in the group takes the call, all other extensions will stop ringing.
  • ACD Queues - Similar to the Hunt/Ring groups, this allows extensions to join a group by logging in and out from their phone/softphone. This feature can also play messages while callers are waiting and provide real-time reporting of the extension’s activity from the system portal
  • Additional Phones - If a customer cannot take their office phone home; you can provide them with another phone that can be registered to the same office phone extension. Both phones will ring and either phone can pick up the call. Both phones can also make outbound from home - Hosted VoIP
  • Softphones for PC, Cellular Phone, and Tablet - When a standalone physical (SIP) telephone is not an option, Softphones are a great solution for your customers to keep their extension on a PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. In this way, inbound calls to an office phone will ring directly on the user’s device of choice. When your customer makes an outbound call from the softphone, their office number (caller ID) is displayed to the called party so they don't have to worry about giving out their cellular number. Our recommended softphone for these devices is the CounterPath Bria. There are also many free softphone applications available for mobile devices. Our support team is available to assist with the selection of a compatible softphone application. (Softphones are best utilized on WiFi instead of Cellular Internet)
  • ATA devices (Analog Telephone Adapter) - Your customer may want to utilize their home analog phone and wireless handsets. Providing an ATA device would allow you to register to their office extension and attach their existing analog phone or phone system.
  • WebFax - As your customer is removed from the office, so is their physical Fax machine and they have no way of getting those incoming faxes. With this system feature, you can redirect their fax number to a WebFax account and they will receive all their faxes by email as a standard PDF. Fax retrieval and the ability to send a fax are available in the system portal.
  • Home Internet advice - though many of your customers have high-speed Internet service at home, many have not configured their cable modems, router, and firewall for voice communications over the Internet. Children and other family members may be fine with poor voice quality on their game console, but not your customer's business. Many of our partners specialize in IT and others have learned through experience how to address basic issues which include SIP ALG and upload QoS. This is where your experience can help a transitioning customer to their new home business environment.


These are just a few ways you can help your customers get through this challenging time. Your VoIP services can make their transition much easier and allow them to keep their companies safe and in business. Let's all do our part to help each other and stay positive!


We are in it Together!

As a leader in white-label VoIP Hosting platforms,  our employees and partners have used our features and tools extensively to stay connected during this time of crisis. We felt it was our responsibility to offer the same solution to all organizations that are working to bring an end to this crisis. On behalf of our workforce here at Talking Platforms, stay safe, and thank you.


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